PlotlyWidget.plotly_restyle(restyle_data, trace_indexes=None, **kwargs)

Perform a Plotly restyle operation on the figure’s traces

  • restyle_data (dict) –

    Dict of trace style updates.

    Keys are strings that specify the properties to be updated. Nested properties are expressed by joining successive keys on ‘.’ characters (e.g. ‘marker.color’).

    Values may be scalars or lists. When values are scalars, that scalar value is applied to all traces specified by the trace_indexes parameter. When values are lists, the restyle operation will cycle through the elements of the list as it cycles through the traces specified by the trace_indexes parameter.

    Caution: To use plotly_restyle to update a list property (e.g. the x property of the scatter trace), the property value should be a scalar list containing the list to update with. For example, the following command would be used to update the ‘x’ property of the first trace to the list [1, 2, 3]

    >>> import plotly.graph_objects as go
    >>> fig = go.Figure(go.Scatter(x=[2, 4, 6]))
    >>> fig.plotly_restyle({'x': [[1, 2, 3]]}, 0)

  • trace_indexes (int or list of int) – Trace index, or list of trace indexes, that the restyle operation applies to. Defaults to all trace indexes.


Return type