Interactive Plots (kaleidoscope.interactive)


probability_distribution(data[, figsize, …])

Interactive histogram plot of probability distributions.


bloch_sphere([vectors, vectors_color, …])

Generates a Bloch sphere from a given collection of vector and/or points data expressed in cartesian coordinates, [x, y, z].

bloch_disc(rho[, figsize, title, colormap, …])

Plot a Bloch disc for a single qubit.

bloch_multi_disc(rho[, figsize, titles, …])

Plot Bloch discs for a multi-qubit state.

qsphere(state[, state_labels, …])

Plots a statevector of qubits using the qsphere representation.

Plotly wrappers

PlotlyFigure(fig[, modebar])

A simple wrapper around Plotly Figure class.


A wrapper around the Plotly widget class.