PlotlyWidget.on_trait_change(handler=None, name=None, remove=False)

DEPRECATED: Setup a handler to be called when a trait changes.

This is used to setup dynamic notifications of trait changes.

Static handlers can be created by creating methods on a HasTraits subclass with the naming convention ‘_[traitname]_changed’. Thus, to create static handler for the trait ‘a’, create the method _a_changed(self, name, old, new) (fewer arguments can be used, see below).

If remove is True and handler is not specified, all change handlers for the specified name are uninstalled.

  • handler (callable, None) – A callable that is called when a trait changes. Its signature can be handler(), handler(name), handler(name, new), handler(name, old, new), or handler(name, old, new, self).

  • name (list, str, None) – If None, the handler will apply to all traits. If a list of str, handler will apply to all names in the list. If a str, the handler will apply just to that name.

  • remove (bool) – If False (the default), then install the handler. If True then unintall it.