API referenceΒΆ

The Kaleidoscope API is currently broken into three parts:

1.) General interactive figures.

2.) IBM Quantum system plots via Qiskit.

3.) Additional Qiskit functionality

The general interactive figures take generic Python objects as inputs and therefore will work with any quantum computing framework. In addition, these functions will also accept Qiskit classes, where applicable. Qiskit does not need to be installed to use these routines.

The IBM Quantum system plots require having Qiskit and an IBM Quantum Experience account for use. Some of these routines mirror functionality available in Qiskit, but are difficult to use due to complex optional installation dependencies. Others are generalized versions of figures that have been used in various IBM Quantum press releases, presentations, and other materials.

Finally, the API contains several Qiskit addons that provide functionality that does not exist in Qiskit proper, but is nevertheless extremely useful to have. These methods are used throughout the example codes for Kaleidoscope.