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Dynamic Bernstein-Vazirani using mid-circuit reset and measurement

The ability to do mid-circuit reset and measurement unlocks a variety of tools for executing quantum circuits. A brief discussion is given in this IBM Research blog post. On particular possibility is the ability to reuse qubits, and in doing so reduce the hardware requirements of some algorithms. The Bernstein-Vazirani (BV) algorithm is one such example. In particular, when using phase-kickback, BV usually requires a high degree of qubit connectivity to impliment. This has been used by trapped-ion hardware vendors to show that their hardware gives better fidelity on these problems, e.g. see ( and However, with reset and measurement, BV requires only two qubits, making connectivity differences mute. We showed this in a reply Tweet:, but did not explain how we got that figure. So here is how I did it.

Here we select the backend and extract its two-qubit gate coupling map. This is not the same backend used in the original figure as, at the time or writing, that one is offline. It is however the same processor family and revision.

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