Curriculum vitae

Research interests

Computational quantum physics, quantum computing, optomechanical systems, superconducting circuit devices, analogue gravitational physics, quantum optics, and scientific visualization.


2005-2010 - Ph.D. Physics, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire USA.
  • Dissertation Topic: “Quantum Dynamics of Nonlinear Cavity Systems”

  • Advisor: Miles P. Blencowe

2002-2005 - B.S. Physics, Utah State University, Logan, Utah USA.
  • Minor: Mathematics

  • Graduated cum laude: 3.77/4.0


  • 2018-Present - Research Staff Member, IBM, Yorktown Heights USA.

  • 2015-2017 - Staff Physicist IV, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Aurora, Colorado USA.

  • 2012-2015 - Assistant Professor, Korea University Department of Physics, Seoul, South Korea.

  • 2011-2012 - JSPS Foreign Postdoctoral Fellow, RIKEN Advanced Science Institute, Wako-shi, Saitama Japan.

  • 2010-2012 - Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Michigan, Ann-Arbor, Michigan USA.

  • 2010-2011 - Visiting Researcher, RIKEN Advanced Science Institute, Wako-shi, Saitama Japan

  • 2005-2010 - Graduate Student, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire USA.

  • 2009 - Visiting Researcher, NTT Basic Research Laboratories, Atsugi, Kanagawa Japan.

  • 2004-2005 - Science Specialist, Dugway Proving Grounds, U.S. Army, Dugway, Utah USA.

Honors and Awards

  • 2021 - Outstanding Technical Achievement Award, “IBM Quantum Cloud applications and services (Experience / Lab and API)”, IBM.

  • 2021 - Outstanding Technical Achievement Award, “Define Quantum Volume as a metric”, IBM.

  • 2020 - Outstanding Research Accomplishment, “IBM Quantum Cloud Applications and Services”, IBM.

  • 2020 - Outstanding Research Accomplishment, “Quantum Education with Qiskit”, IBM.

  • 2019 - Outstanding Technical Achievement Award, “Qiskit and IBM Q Experience Ecosystem”, IBM.

  • 2019 - Corporate Technical Award, “IBM Q 20-qubit system development and deployment”, IBM.

  • 2014 - Outstanding Teaching Award, (Computational Physics), Korea University.

  • 2012 - Outstanding Teaching Award, (Introductory Physics), Korea University.

  • 2011-2012 - JSPS Foreign Postdoctoral Fellowship, Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science.

  • 2009-2010 - Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) Fellowship, U.S. Department of Education.

  • 2009 - East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes Fellowship, NSF / JSPS.

  • 2005-2006 - GAANN Fellowship, U.S. Department of Education.

  • 2005 - Best undergraduate science poster presentation, Utah State University.


Challenges and Opportunities of Near-Term Quantum Computing Systems
  • Antonio D. Córcoles, Abihinav Kandala, Ali Javadi-Abhari, Douglas T. McClure, Andrew W. Cross, Kristan Temme, Paul D. Nation, Matthais Steffen, and Jay M. Gambetta

  • Proc. of IEEE 108, 1338 (2020)

Validating quantum computers using randomized model circuits
Ultrastrong optomechanics incorporating the dynamical Casimir effect
Steady-state solution methods for open quantum optical systems
Iterative solutions to the steady-state density matrix for optomechanical systems
A cavity-Cooper pair transistor scheme for investigating quantum optomechanics in the ultra-strong coupling regime
Nonclassical mechanical states in an optomechanical micromaser analog
QuTiP 2: A Python framework for the dynamics of open quantum systems
Non-equilibrium Landauer Transport Model for Hawking Radiation from a Black Hole
QuTiP: An open-source Python framework for the dynamics of open quantum systems
Stimulating uncertainty: Amplifying the quantum vacuum with superconducting circuits
The trilinear Hamiltonian: a zero dimensional model of Hawking radiation from a quantized source
Analogue Hawking Radiation in a dc-SQUID Array Transmission Line
Quantum analysis of a nonlinear microwave- cavity embedded dc-SQUID displacement detector
Modeling biological fluorescence emission spectra using Lorentz line shapes and nonlinear optimization


Local Optimization of Quantum Circuits
Visualizing arbitrary pulse shapes and schedules in quantum computing applications
  • P. D. Nation, Naoki Kanazawa, and Thomas Arab Alexander

  • US10790912B2 (2020).

Validating and estimating runtime for quantum algorithms
  • Ali Javadi, Ismael Faro, Jay M. Gambetta, and P. D. Nation

  • US20200285986A1 (2019).

Scalable error mitigation
  • P. D. Nation, Hwajung Kang, and Jay Gambetta

  • Filled May 07, 2021.

Quantum circuit optimization routine evaluation and knowledge base generation
  • P. D. Nation, Ali Javadi, Paco Martin, Ismael Faro, and Jay Gambetta

  • Filled December 15, 2020.

Optimizing Time-Dependent Simulations of Quantum Computing Architectures
  • Naoki Kanazawa, and P. D. Nation

  • Filled July 16, 2019.

Quantum adaptive compiler service
  • Jay M. Gambetta, Ismael Faro, Ali Javadi, Paco Martin, and P. D. Nation

  • Filled July 11, 2019.

Quantum Pulse Machine Learning auto-optimizer
  • Paco Martin, Ismael Faro, Jay M. Gambetta, and P. D. Nation

  • Filled July 01, 2019.

A System and Method for Constructing Numerical Models for Time-Dependent Hamiltonians and Noise Characteristics of Quantum Computing Devices
  • Naoki Kanazawa, P. D. Nation, and Thomas Alexander

  • Filled June 10, 2019.

Computational Programs

2020-Present - Kaleidoscope
2018-Present - Qiskit
  • Open-source framework for leveraging noisy quantum computers in research, education, and business. Focus on user-facing functionality, visualizations, and performant numerical methods.


2010-2017 - QuTiP: Quantum Toolbox in Python
  • Open-source framework for solving the dynamics of open quantum systems. Includes Monte-Carlo and master equation algorithms, supporting arbitrary time-dependent Hamiltonians and Louvillians. Supports multiprocessing and Cython based just-in-time (JIT) programming for compiled execution of time-dependent Hamiltonians. In collaboration with Dr. Robert J. Johansson.


2014-2015 - SciPy
  • Author of Reverse Cuthill-McKee, Maximum Bipartite Matching, and Structural Rank sparse matrix algorithms in the scipy.sparse.csgraph module.



  • 2014 - co-Chair, Relativistic Quantum Information North, Seoul, South Korea

Invited conferences / workshops

  • November 2019 - Progress Toward Quantum Advantage at IBM, IEEE, Westminster CO, USA.

  • June 2019 - Quantum Computing at IBM, Federated Computing Research Conference, Phoenix AZ USA.

  • April 2019 - Compiling Quantum Circuits for NISQ Processors, Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Seoul Korea.

  • June 2018 - Quantum Compunting @ IBM, International Super Computing (ISC) 2018, Frankfurt Germany.

  • July 2014 - Quantum Vacuum Amplification, ”Open KIAS” School on Quantum Information Science, Seoul Korea.

  • June 2014 - Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics: Quantum Optics on a Chip, 3rd School of Mesoscopic Physics, Buyeo Korea.

  • August 2013 - Nonclassical Mechanical States in an Optomechanical Micromaser Analogue, Nonlinear Dynamics at the Nanoscale, Pohang Korea.

  • November 2012 - The Superconducting Circuit Warm Up for Fundamental Physics, 25th Workshop on Nanoscale and Mesoscopic Systems, Pohang Korea.

  • February 2012 - Photon Production from the Quantum Vacuum, 6th Winter School on Quantum Information Science, Huisun Taiwan.

  • September 2010 - Hawking Radiation as a 1D Quantum Channel, Quantum Science of Strongly Correlated Systems (QS2C) Theory Forum, RIKEN, Wako-shi Japan.

Teaching Experience

2012-2015 - Lecturer, Department of Physics, Korea University
  • 2014-2015: PHYS-461: Computational Physics

  • 2013-2014: PHYS-506: Graduate Quantum Mechanics II

  • 2013-2015: PHYS-505: Graduate Quantum Mechanics

  • 2013: PHYS-721: Special Topics in Solid State Physics

  • 2013: PHYS-183: Physics for Life Scientists

  • 2012-2014: PHYS-152: Introductory Physics II